2009 Domaine de Courcel Pommard Premier Cru 'Grand Clos des Épenots'
Red Wine from France
2009 Domaine de Courcel Pommard Premier Cru 'Grand Clos des Épenots'
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Meet the winemaker - Domaine de Courcel

The Domaine de Courcel is located in Pommard, Burgundy, France. They produce a variety of high-quality wines, including the Pommard Premier Cru 'Grand Clos des Épenots'.

The Pommard Premier Cru 'Grand Clos des Épenots' comes from a Premier Cru vineyard located in the town of Pommard, famous for its powerful and complex red wines. This wine is produced from the Pinot Noir grape variety, which is typical of the Burgundy region.

The 2018 vintage is considered excellent in Burgundy, with favorable climatic conditions that allowed the grapes to ripen optimally. This usually results in well-balanced wines, with a good concentration of flavors and a good tannic structure.

Volnay Premier Cru is another Burgundy red wine produced by Domaine de Courcel. The Volnay is an appellation famous for its elegant and fine wines, often described as being more feminine than the Pommard which are more powerful and full-bodied.

In summary, Domaine de Courcel produces high-quality wines in the Pommard Premier Cru and Volnay Premier Cru appellations in Burgundy, France. The Pommard Premier Cru 'Grand Clos des Épenots' 2018 and the Volnay Premier Cru are examples of their excellent vintages.

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Domaine de Courcel
Geographical indication
France / Burgundy
Pinot Noir
Dry Red Wine
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Summer M.
The aroma of the wine was simply stunning. I felt the notes of black cherry, blackberry and spices, which merged into a perfectly balanced bouquet. These aromas continued to unfold as the wine breathed in the glass, creating a certain mystery and intrigue.
Iris J.
Delicious wine, rich in taste - it has both fruit and berry notes, combine well with each other, do not interrupt each other. Not intoxicating, quite soft. The aftertaste is long, also with fruity notes. Cool!
Ivy G.
As a wine lover, I always strive to try new varieties and wine regions, and this option did not leave me indifferent. From the very first glance at the bottle of wine, I realized that there was something special in front of me. The packaging was luxurious and elegant, reflecting the high quality of the wine inside. When pouring into a glass, I noticed its deep and rich color - a real sign of the maturity and richness of this premium wine.