About us

About us
Grapey is a membership-only online store offering fine wines with the largest discounts in the UK. Distinct from typical subscription models, the club card system allows customers to select individual bottles from a specially curated collection, directly from wineries. This approach enables offering the significant discounts on fine wines throughout the year.

The initiative aims to enhance access to high-end wines in the UK, sourcing exclusive products from European and New World producers at discounted rates. This strategy not only allows for lower consumer prices but also minimizes the environmental impact of transportation, supported by the commitment to remain an online platform.

With two membership options available — a one-time card for up to six bottles or an annual card for unlimited purchases—both provide access to constant discounts on premium wines. This makes the fine wine market more accessible, especially after recent increases in import costs.

Focusing on established producers known for quality, alongside limited-production wines from smaller wineries producing less than 100,000 bottles a year, the goal is to democratize the UK fine wine market while maintaining high standards and establishing as a defined lowest cost distributor in the UK.

By creating an online platform that offers a curated selection of exceptional wines at a discount, the aim is to demonstrate that quality and choice don't have to come at the expense of mass distribution, potentially making fine wine more accessible for consumers.

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