Bet you didn't know

Red wine is considered one of the most popular beverages. Its variety makes it almost universal. People of all ages and tastes choose it.

But what else is behind the stories of this ancient drink? Let's find out.

1. Red wine is the key to longevity.

You've probably heard how information comes from various sources that a glass of red wine with dinner or at lunch has a positive effect on human health, carrying almost a therapeutic effect. But is this true? After all, red wine is alcohol, and alcohol has a detrimental effect on the health.

Let's figure it out.

Firstly, wine contains polyphenols, antioxidants, whose main function is to protect human cardiovascular and circulatory systems. Wine also contains resveratrol (a plant compound), which lowers blood cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of blood clots.

It is therefore safe to say that a moderate amount of wine has a beneficial effect on heart health. Doctors recommend one glass for the female half of the population and two glasses for the male half.

2. The skin of the grape affects the colour of the wine.

How is white wine made? That's right, during the fermentation process, the grape juice is separated from the skin of the grape. In the production of red wines, the skins of grapes are not separated.

It is interesting to note that dark grape varieties are also used to make white wine, it is just necessary to remove the skins at the right time.

3. The redder the wine - the more tannins.

In the previous paragraphs, we have already said that wine is one of the healthiest drinks. But did you know that wine also contains a significant amount of tannins?

Tannins are compounds of plant origin, that give wine a bitter, dry and viscous taste. Tannins are found in the grape juice and skin. This is why red wines have a higher concentration of tannin.

4. Age affects colour.

Grapes, made method, tannin content – it seems we have already discovered what affects the colour of wine, but did you know that red wines start to turn grey with age?

Yes, despite the fact that we are always recommended to let the wine brew, many people wonder why the once scarlet drink has begun to change the colour. But true wine lovers should know that red wine does start to lighten over the years.