A few moves and the wine is open

Opening a bottle of wine with a corkscrew is a matter of a few seconds, but what if the corkscrew is broken or for some reason it is not at hand? The answer is simple: do not get panic, but use one of our life hacks.

Opening a bottle of wine with a screwdriver and a screw

Think about what a corkscrew looks like and tell me what this design reminds you of in its essence. That's right: a screwdriver, that's what's going to help us now.

So, let's get started ... (we warn you, it’s going to be difficult).

Take a screwdriver and a long screw to it. With careful, slow movements, start screwing the screw into the cork of a wine bottle, as if you were screwing in an ordinary corkscrew. When you find that the screw is quite tight in the bottle, start unscrewing it, feeling the cork come out.

Yes, the method is tedious but effective.

Opening a bottle of wine with a hanger

Surprisingly, an ordinary coat hanger can be used to open a bottle.

We warn you that the hanger will be unusable after this method, so be ready to throw out one of your things.

So, let's get started ...

Take a hanger and, using a pair of pliers, try to straighten the top hook as much as possible. Bend the straightened wire slightly at the tip, imitating a fish hook. Then squeeze the resulting hook between the cork and the inside of the bottle. To pop the cork out, pull and twist the wire.

Voila, the corkscrew is ready for use.

Opening a bottle of wine with a pump

Did you know that a bicycle pump is not only used to pump up wheels, balls and inflatable pools, but also to open wine?

So, let's get started ... (Don't worry – it's safe)

Take a needle and attach it to the tip of the bicycle pump. Pierce the cork and push it further into the cork until it is visible from the opposite side. Now you can start swapping. The bottle will slowly fill with air, pushing the cork up.

Opening a bottle of wine with a shoe

A pump, a hanger, what else can help you open a bottle of wine? You might be surprised, but the shoes.

So, let's get started ...

Remove all the wrapping paper from the cork. Place the bottom of the bottle in soft shoes (as if on a heel). Gently tap the wall with the shoe. (It is important to arrange everything so that the toes are pointing upwards and the bottle itself is in a horizontal position).

Under the influence of gravity, the cork will move from its place and eventually it will be possible to remove it with your bare hands.

Opening a bottle of wine with an open flame

Let's just say that this life hack can be quite dangerous. So, if you decide to open your wine in this way, be careful and follow all the safety precautions.

So, let's get started ...

Take a bottle of wine at room temperature. (It is important that the wine is at room temperature, if the bottle has not had time to warm up and is cold, this will have negative consequences. Sudden changes in temperature can cause the bottle glass to become unstable and explode).

Put a source of fire (lighter) to the neck of the bottle and wait a little. The air inside the bottle will gradually heat up and the pressure created will cause the cork to fly out.

The main thing to remember is that fire is not a toy.

opening a bottle of wine with the help of force

There are times when you are a corkscrew to yourself.

The main thing to remember is that this method is time-consuming and you must be very careful not to overdo it. It is better not to use this method if you think the bottle is too fragile and might break.

So, let's get started ...

Take a bottle of wine and press the cork with a spatula or spoon until it falls into the drink. Yes, it may crumble and you will have to remove the wine from the crumbs, but you will open the bottle.

As you can see, there is a way out of every situation, so go out and buy your favourite wine, and the corkscrew problem will be solved.