Wines of the world

The main producers and their proverbs.

While wine is produced mostly by France, Italy, Spain and the U.S.A there are a number of other wine regions that are lesser held in esteem. Nevertheless, we want to take a bit of time to recap on why these huge names in wine production are held in the esteem they so much deserve and look at what local think about their wines.


France is well known for a large variety of wines, due to its rich grape selection and production that dates back millenia. Regions of France like Bordeau, Champagne and Burgundy are historically linked to a taste of high sought after wine. It is not only single grape wines, but distinguished blends at a high classification level that makes France the top destination for vinophiles! The locals hold a big pride in their quality in their wines and the wine tasters even within their folklore; There’s a French proverb that says, "Qui sait déguster ne boit plus jamais de vin, mais goûte des secrets": He who knows how to taste does not drink wine anymore but tastes secrets.


Known for its culinary magic, Italy is one of the worlds most prolific wine producers. Not only does Italian wine date back to the Roman Empire, but it is still innovating wine production. With original grapes only grown on Italian soil, Italy has a natural patent over particular flavours: so if you do want to try home-grown wine that can’t be produced elsewhere, Italy is the destination. God knows there’s plenty! As Italian saying goes, "Anni, amori e bicchieri di vino, nun se contano mai": Years, loves, and glasses of wine; these are things that should never be counted).

South Africa

South Africa, has an incredible climate for production. Wine names echo the regions bringing up images of rolling coast lines and green fertile soil. Though South Africa, like Italy, has its own original grape varietal, it also produces the well known fruity and juicy reds like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec. It is a rich climate where European wine grapes can be produced, and of course, has its own personal flavours and textures. Locals enjoy their wines depth and beauty and express it poetically: "Wine is sunlight, held together by water".


Wines move as people do, and while Malbec may have originated in France, it is now another land that holds it as its flagship. Argentina produces the majority of the worlds Malbec, mostly in the Mendoza region. Though, unlike Italy and South Africa, Argentina is not known for its specific home-grown grape variety, you may find European origin wines here extremely delicate and palette satisfying. As passionate and vigorate as its culture, the Argentine proverb captures the essence of the drink: "El vino es mejor que el agua, porque el agua se deja llevar por el vino" - Wine is better than water, because water lets itself be carried by wine.

United States

California’s diverse climate is adequate for producing wine that thrives in warm and cold environments. Although the US is known for producing wines in a number of states, especially the East Coast, due to its exremely warm southern countryside and cool and wet northern forestlands, its no surprise that California surpasses other states with its wine production reputation. To reflect this wine culture, there's a local saying: "Wine is bottled poetry".

As with all good things in life, there’s more to explore. Catch the next installments of our blog to look into the gems of lesser known wine producing regions, and why you don’t want to miss out!