Wine for sweet lovers

For those who cannot imagine a minute of their life without sugar, there is a unique drink – sweet wine. It can be white or red, usually has fruity notes and contains a moderate alcohol content.

How exactly is sweet wine made?

To make sweet wine, experienced winemakers allow the grapes to ripen and remove them from the vine only two months after the first harvest.

There is another way.

Sometimes the grapes grow in areas with a rather difficult climate, where the air temperatures drop quite low, so that such grapes are harvested at night and remain chilled for a long time. In this case, the fermentation process takes quite a long time, up to six months.

What are the most famous varieties of sweet white wines?

Let's take a look at the famous wines.

Chenin Blanc

Flavour and Taste: acidic notes of apple, pineapple, pear, spices and peach

Alcohol content: 12% -14.5%.

Matching with food: Meat, seafood, salads. Desserts (can be simple. For example, such as apple pie). It is important that the main dishes are slightly spicy. It is advisable to avoid condiments with strong flavors (such as soy sauce or vinegar).


Flavour and Taste: acid notes of peach, orange and grapes.

Alcohol content: 5%-12%.

Matching with food: An hors d'oeuvres appetisers (cheeses such as Swiss or blue cheese are very good), main courses and desserts. It is recommended to exclude heavy dishes with meat.

What are the most famous varieties of sweet red wines?

Let's take a look at the famous wines.


Flavour and Taste: Cotton candy

Alcohol content: 10%-11.5%

Matching with food: Seafood (fish and shrimps) and red meats. It is recommended with dishes containing spices such as basil, ginger and galangal.


Flavour and Taste: burnt caramel, walnut oil, peach, hazelnut and orange peel

Alcohol content: 15% (or more)

Matching with food: Artichoke, soups (pea) and asparagus. Cheese, nuts, mushrooms and meat dishes. Desserts (chocolate, cakes and pudding).

Sweet wines are a variety of flavours for sugar lovers.