What is Organic wine and can we say that it is healthy?

Organic wine is wine made from grape varieties grown on organic plantations without the use of artificial chemicals that affect taste and colour.

Many people, when they hear such a description, think that organic wine is a utopia and that additional substances are always used. We admit and do not hide the fact that fertilizers are used for wine. But only organic fertilizers are used, such as compost, compost teas, green manure and cover crops.

What about sulfites? Each wine contains sulfites. Organic wine also contains them (but not more than 10 mg). The difference is that sulfites have not been added specifically to extend the shelf life.

When people talk about unpleasant substances, they always mention GMOs. We hasten to reassure you that their use is prohibited in organic wines. The wine also contains no colouring agents.

Important: wine made from organic grapes is not the same as organic wine.

Is organic wine good for you?

Organic wine is still wine, it's alcohol (just a degree lower) and you have to remember that.

The advantage of organic wine is that it contains no substances.

In addition, organic wine contains only the natural sugars found in grapes.

And the calorie content of organic wine is lower.

Organic wine – a fads for the rich?

Many people believe that organic wine, is more expensive than ordinary wine because of its specificity. Surprisingly, the opposite is true. Due to the lack of substances, organic wine begins to ferment faster, which reduces the cost of the bottle.

Is vegan wine just another name for organic wine?

Organic wine is definitely not the same as vegan wine. Organic wines must have a certificate of their organic origin. And although vegan wines also have a set of mandatory requirements in order to have their own status. Vegan wines must not contain any products of animal origin in their production.

Organic wine is a new round of winemaking life, try it and look at wine in a new way.